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Procheat - Procheat is a leading dev team in Russia and the CIS
Thousands of users trust us. We’ve been around for more than 7 years now and an Anti-Vac module is our main development, which gives protection to our users.

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The widest variety of Gaming software and functionality

Our cheats include the most necessary features
for Legit games

High quality products by PROCHEAT

Our team provides you with good protection,
every day we look after our soft stability, we accept your preferences and include them into further updates. We don’t let our customers down, we chat with everyone and maintain comfortable gaming.


Perfect soft for users.

All our cheats are private, so we grant protection to each user from online game security system

We use our own schemes to bypass security. Our cheats are not embedded into the game process and leave no traces in the use of private software. This ensures 90% safety for each user. Within a year of our existence we've never been detected. After each update we manually update cheats and test with the help of our software testers. We update software functionality taking into consideration your preferences. We are happy to receive your feedback to ensure a comfortable gaming.


We offer you cheats with the "Undetect" status

Days without Detect


All the advantages of our software come directly from the experience that we've gained over a long year of development in a close-knit team.

Unified system

Our soft is interdependent. When there is an attempt to detect you, your data is transferred into a single server. Using unified data, we update all cheats’ protection at one time

Modern equipment

We have our own servers with expensive encryption certificates that provide fast protector and injector operation.

Unique design

For your convenience we've developed an individual design and a software functionality

Good protection

Our cheats have custom-built drivers with unique signature. Soft is not embedded into the game process

Affordable prices

The software cost directly depends on the server expenditures and the unique driver signature. For some cheats there are convenient rates

User support

Customer support works 22/7 in our Vk group and Discord. We can answer all your questions and help with setting up in rotation.

Recent news

Release of PUBG Lite

Everyone can use not only official version but also PUBG Lite with the ESP and anti-recoil + AIM

Release of Apex Legends

The perfect internal cheat , that bypasses "Origin", you can read more about it…

Release of GTA 5

Without a single script, it has strong and useful functionality for our users...